It does not matter that I have 2 or 30 athletes who train around the world, with Training Analysis and SPH Supervisor I can check all their workouts


  • Quick view of all athletes data
  • Analyze athlete condition and CP
  • Real time supervision
  • Dedicated application for every athlete’s need


  • Create training tables
  • Manually insert already executed test and compute thresholds
  • Send notification and message to SPH app without using third party products
  • Report mail after each training


SPH Supervisor is the first app of Sport Plus Health designed for coaches, trainers and sporting managers who would like to constantly follow their athletes’ preparation. 

The app, currently available for tablets and smartphones running Android and soon for iOS too, provides two modes: training and race…



Both allow to track up to 32 athletes, analyzing in real-time these data:

– Current speed;
– Position, on a map;
– Current power consumption, read from dedicated sensors or computed by our apps SPH Cycling, SPH Running and SPH MTB;
– Average power consumption;
– Altitude;
– Heart rate;

Looking at the charts you can easily understand the athlete’s level of fatigue, comparing his/her data with the thresholds previously set.

With the race mode, after selecting the race track (shown on the map) you will see its altimetry profile, with altitude and slope of each point.

The race mode also provides intermediate rankings, with the distance covered until that moment, the gap between athletes, the distance from the finish line and the time intervals between each racer. It is also possible to place virtual finish lines, and for each of them analyze the information already mentioned above.


SPH Training Analysis allows you to check the workouts and the physical condition of your athletes


A platform dedicated to athletes and trainers that allows you to analyze in detail every workout and the level of the preparation.

The platform provides a new screen for the analysis of the athlete’s physical condition, particularly of the long-term (Chronic Training Load) and short-term training load (Acute Training Load) which combined with the condition index (Training Stress Balance) allows you to analyze the quality of the workouts. We understand that if residual fatigue is compromising performance or whether we have found the right balance between workout and rest.

Among the other innovations in the platform there is a screen dedicated to analyzing the performance of Critical Power sustainable by the athlete for some time intervals. Thanks to this analysis it is possible to evaluate the progress of the athlete’s preparation and resistance.

In addition to these long-term analyzes, SPH Training Analysis allows you to analyze in detail every single workout through TrainingStressScore, an index that allows you to understand the intensity of training and how long it will take to recover from it.

If you have entered your anaerobic threshold values, at each session you will be able to see the training / heart rate analysis graph over the threshold data, displaying the time and percentage spent in each zone, thus evaluating the intensity training.

For each workout, SPH Training Analysis allows you to identify the critical power reached at different time intervals, thus evaluating the performance status over your potential.

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