5 tips to start 2017 right

To help you get rid of those few pounds gained during the holiday season and to start 2017 with an healthier lifestyle, we called our Ironman Paolo Lanfranco to give us some advice for a better life. No harsh diets, just the right mix of nutrients and some small concession because feeling good starts in your mind.

  • Never skip breakfast. It is hard to pick a “most important meal” for an athlete because we are all different and have different needs. Breakfast still remains a fundamental part of the day because it helps start up our body and helps replenish us of the energy spent during the night.
  • Each meal needs to be a balanced mix of nutrients. It is important to eat carbs (especially the complex ones like bread, pasta, rice and cereals), proteins (fish, eggs, meat, fresh cheese), fats (especially those present in fish, fresh fruit and vegetable oil), fibers, vitamins and minerals.
  • The first nutrient is water. A lack of water has to be avoided. A 2% loss of water in our body can decrease your performance up to 20%. Always remember to drink lots of fluids.
  • Before and after a race choose carbs. Before a race you should eat carbs like maltodextrin and fructos to keep your glucose high, it being the real fuel for our muscles. Right after a race you should go for fluids and fresh fruits.
  • Leave room for a cheat meal. Once a week or once every ten days have something you really like. An healthy lifestyle begins with your brain, your emotions, the way you interact with other people. Always remember that the biggest secret for a healthy lifestyle is moderation.