A whole motorway for bicycles. In Germany it is fact

The sustainable mobility is a very recent topic: in order to contain the harmful emissions in the atmosphere, our daily life has to deal with a more ecological traffic than the present one, for example with electric, hybrid cars, trains. But especially bicycles.

Recognised as a precious resource for urban mobility, the bicycle has been acquiring further importance in the last few years, so that the first motorway dedicated to bicycles was inaugurated in Germany, for promoting not just the urban but the suburban usage too.

The German project takes the name of Radschnellweg, and includes a bicycle lane planned in order to facilitate the moves on long distances, being able to guarantee a good average speed during the travel. For this aim, along the route the traffic lights, the bends, the crossings and everything could slow down the ride were limited to the bare minimum.

The Radschnellweg Rs1, the first length, which links Essen to Duisburg, was inaugurated in November 2015 and uses the layout of a disused railway. The whole motorway is going to arrive until Hamm, travelling across ten cities in the area, among which there are Dortmund, Bochum and Essen; a fast connection, about one hundred kilometres long, linked with the network of bicycle lanes already set in the area; it is going to use the routes of the former railway line and the river canals.

The project considers for the Radschnellweg to be four metres wide, plus a further lane for the pedestrians. And for the motorized traffic to be separated, thanks to two rows of trees.

For the realization of this new project the industrial area of the Rhur has been chosen, a daily destination for many commuters who are constrained to queue for hours. The aim of the new high-speed motorway is to improve the flow of traffic and facilitate everyone’s mobility, including the drivers. It makes possible to leave the air cleaner, thanks to the lower emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Photo credits: tour.tipp.ruhr/ Foto RVR