At the fifth Granfondo Stelvio Santini 100 additional numbers for wolf protection

Also this year, the Granfondo Stevio Santini decided to provide 100 additional numbers to support the campaign European Alpine Programme of the WWF for the protection of the wolf. On 5 June participants in the historic cycling race will thus be 3100.

Mortirolo and Stelvio are two of the most evocative and strenuous climbs in the world, challenged by names that have shaped the legend of cycling, as Fausto Coppi, Marco Pantani and many others. Rhaetian Alps are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful frames for lovers of cycling, in which the Stelvio Santini Granfondo gives the chance to test themselves just as the icons of world cycling did.

But the ecosystem that characterizes these places is more fragile than before, because of human activities that have caused the loss of plant and animal biodiversity. The organizers of the Marathon, sensitive to this topic, decided to collaborate, for the second consecutive year, with the WWF European Alpine Programme, in particular by promoting a campaign for the protection of the wolf, species whose presence is growing on Italian mountains but that still remains vulnerable.

“We are pleased to continue this partnership devoted to protecting this environment that welcomes us each year. Our commitment is to minimize the impact on the natural ecosystem, and we push the participants to do the same”, explains Paola Santini, Santini Maglificio marketing manager.

The organization, even before beginning to work with the WWF, has made the protection of the territory that is home of the Granfondo one of its priorities. And it did it through concrete measures: disqualifying participants caught littering during the race and equipping special ecological areas on the way to facilitate disposal and collection of depleted gels or packaging  of bars. the official jersey too has been designed to meet this need: it has a small pocket to store any litter of snacks and supplements.

100 numbers for the wolf
The numbers allocated to the charity initiative are 100, and they have been added to the limited number of 3,000 participants chosen for the Granfondo. They cost 100 Euros each and the proceeds will add up to 3,000 euro already allocated by the organizing committee of the race in favor of the WWF project. Anyone purchasing one of these numbers will receive as a thank you t-shirt “Ride with the wolves” designed for the occasion. Since the afternoon of Friday, June 3, and throughout the weekend the WWF will have a dedicated space in the expo area of the race, where they will promote the campaign towards the wolf. Saturday, June 4 was also organized, in collaboration with the Stelvio National Park, a special evening with Miha Krofel, university researcher in Ljubiana, who will talk about the situation of the wolf in the Alps and the species conservation concerns.

The paths of the Granfondo
You can face three different routes: Short (60 km), medium (137.9 km) and long (151.3 km). Each runner will receive a cycling shirt Stelvio Santini Marathon as part of his race pack. Who will be able to conquer the Stelvio and the finish line will also receive the exclusive hat ImadeIT.