Bianchi Café & Cycles, from Sweden to Milan via Tokyo

The historical bicycles company, whose name reminds us cyclists which have overcome memorable challenges, has opened five concept stores worldwide.Places where you can drink coffee, eat, relax. But also purchase or repair your bicycle.

The idea came to Salvatore Grimaldi, the Italian-Swedish entrepreneur who bought the brand Bianchi in 1997 with the aim of relaunching and restoring the prestige it earned over the years thanks to the unforgettable moments of great athletes Girardengo, Coppi, Gimondi and Pantani.

The first Bianchi Café & Cycles opened in 2010 in Stockholm, followed by one in Tokyo, Japan, and then two more in Sweden in Salen and Vasteras. The last one opened in 2014 in the heart of Milan, Italy. All stores are having a huge success: fine but essential locations, with a measured vintage touch, offering gastronomic specialties strictly made in Italy, prepared with high-quality raw materials. The menu offered in Milan brings the signature of the star chef Davide Oldani, cycling enthusiast and ambassador for the blue brand.

The Bianchi Café & Cycles serve Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, but also quick snacks such as sandwiches and buns. Obviously there are sweets and coffee shop. The wine list offers a selection of over 150 labels, including organic and biodynamic wines.


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The Bianchi stores are very original venues for bicycle enthusiasts and not, where, other than eating, you can also buy a Bianchi bike (in recent years the company has increased the numbers and models), clothing and accessories, or take advantage of the local cycle shop for repairs, or even find the best position in the saddle using a bio-mechanical simulator.

In stores you can find all the model range of Bianchi racing bicycles, mountain bikes, city, hiking, junior and electrical ones, along with a complete selection of parts and accessories. Between the exposed bicycles there is also the innovative Infinity CV with Countervail® technology tested by NASA that, thanks to a special viscoelastic carbon material, eliminates up to 80% of the vibrations from the road surface, providing the cyclist less muscle fatigue and more control of the bike.

“My wife says I’m crazy. Perhaps it is true, but as an entrepreneur I have always tried to follow my instincts and intuitions. When visiting our dealers around the world I saw our bikes mixed with the others. It bothered me. Because our bikes are pieces of art, they are technologically advanced, cutting edge as a product, but they are also beautiful objects, to admire. They can’t be sold like that. Hence the idea to open the Bianchi cafès. This is a place where one comes to admire the bikes, but also to enjoy a good Italian coffee, or eat well, dedicated to fans, to people working in the city center but also, I hope, to families. In the logic of well living, of mens sana in corpore sano. A place to meet our potential customers and where to understand how to develop our bikes, “said Salvatore Grimaldi in an interview with Il Sole 24 Ore.