BMC Timemachine

In 2011, Andreas Raelert broke the ironman-distance world record at Challenge Roth on a BMC Timemachine – producing a competition-crushing final time of 7:41:33 – a five year record that remained unbeaten until 2016.

Time for something new? A new bike, to set new course records? We say yes. Introducing the new Timemachine, with a new focus: triathlon.

Recent trends in triathlon power numbers are enough to make heads spin. A 310 watt average for four hours anyone? However, despite there being plenty of competitors out there aiming for sub-4 hour bike splits, we know that most ambitious long-distance triathletes’ main goal is to have strong legs for the marathon – not just hope for the best after the bike leg.

For the past three years, we have concentrated on re-designing our time-trial weapon, the Timemachine, to focus on how we can help triathletes achieve their best race results. We have created a bike that lets riders get away with concentrating a little less on sustaining that crucial aero position – because it should feel natural, like an extension of the body.

A bike that makes riders feel like applying more power to its pedals – because it begs for it. A bike that looks as fast as it feels. A bike that is the benchmark in triathlon equipment.