Courmayeur Mountain Bike Event 2015: the winners

At the foot of Mont Blanc, the Courmayeur Mountain Bike Event 2015 has just concluded, with a striking national and international show dedicated to mountain biking. Here are the winners.

Over the weekend of June 19 to 21, the city of Courmayeur, in Aosta, hosted a big summer event organized by the cycling club Velo Club Courmayeur Mont Blanc under the patronage of the Municipality and the Region of Valle d’Aosta: the Courmayeur Mountain Bike Event 2015.

The event started on Friday 19 with the Campionato Italiano Eliminator (XCE), spectacular sprint race with elimination that took place in the center of the town of Courmayeur.

On the morning of Saturday 20, instead, it was the turn of the Grand Prix Juniors (7-12 years), followed, in the afternoon, by the first day of the Internazionali d’Italia reserved for amateur categories.

Sunday 21 was the moment of Rookies (13-14 years) and Youths (15-16 years) to engage in the final event of the Campionato Italiano di Società.

At the end, the final event of the Internazionali d’Italia reserved for Professionals, Juniors and Opens (top class triple points up to the 25th position of the category). Prize money of 10,000 euro for the athletes of the competitive categories. New this year, the rule of the acquisition of double points in the last round of the Internazionali.

We asked Leonardo Mona, vice president of Velo Club Courmayeur, to tell us what happened and what are the names of the winners in the various competitions.

« This year we created innovative tracks granting great show, especially with regard to the XCE race that took place in the streets of the center of the town of Courmayeur, at the foot of Mont Blanc. The winners have been: in the category Amateurs Helmut Flor (Egna Team), in the Junior categories Roberto Vassoney (GS Lupi Valle d’Aosta) and in the women’s Anita Rossi (Egna Neumarkt); in the late afternoon space for the race of women Open who has seen the triumph of the young Anna Oberparlaiter (Carraro Team) and in the men’s category a victory for Maximilian Vieider (Ktm ProtekDama).

Saturday, June 20 the race route has changed: in the woods of Dolonne were confronted about 80 Amateurs and 250 of the Youths category; to excel among the Master Elite was Matteo Valsecchi (Pavan Free Bike ASD) and in the women Monica Maltese (SC Triangolo Lariano ASD). The races of the last day, the most important, was attended by about 400 athletes for a show of high-level sports in a direct challenge. The main protagonist in the category Men Open was the team Bianchi i.idro Drain that places on the top step of the podium Gerhard Kerschbaumer. In the women’s field the winner was the Italian Under 23 Champion Lisa Rabensteiner (Focus XC Italyteam). Even the Junior category gave the show with the primacy of the Swiss Filippo Colombo Velo Club Monte Tamaro-Bmc for men and a young and talented Martina Berta (ASDVC Courmayeur MB) among women.

The Velo Club Courmayeur Mont Blanc, with this important event, kicks off a project that manages the organization of other important events at national and international level, with the goal of reaching one day the World Cup. These three days of competition have been helpful to publicize Courmayeur as a location not only for tourism but also for cycling, thanks to athletes coming not only from all over Italy, but also from other countries, such as the United States, Colombia, Czech Republic, South Africa, Switzerland « .


Sport Plus Health sponsored the event.


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