Evaluate your physical condition thanks to a test is now available to everyone. How? Just download Sport Plus Health, the professional training application, from the Store and choose the most appropriate test. Execute a test has ever been so simple, intuitive, immediate and above all precise. In just a few steps you can get the result of your physical condition and set your preparation or analyze your history.
Whether you are a cyclist or an endurance athlete, we have the solution for you. There are 3 tests available (FTP, Critical Power and Mader) that can be performed using just a smartphone or combining it with an heartrate monitor or power meter. The tests have been validated thanks to a research by the University of Verona. At the end of the test the work plan is drawn up, prepared by your trainer, or by those of SPH.
“Every 20 days I execute a test – explains Davide Martinelli, SPH ambassador – indoor or outdoor. Let’s discover with me how to do”. Sport Plus Health allows you to perform tests on the road or on the trainer. Do you want to know your physical condition at any time? Now you know how to do it.
Download Sportplushealth App. The new Android and IOS version is ready. SPH for biking, running and all the endurance sport.