My first test can’t even call it that. In fact, it was more an approach to the world of technology and science.

For what reason? First of all, I’d never used a meter before. So, the first step was to pair the power meter to the SPH app in my phone (Ant+ or Bluetooth are the two communication modes).

MISTAKES: Secondly, I have to say that my test did not go well for at least 2 reasons: one practical and the other psychological.

GIVING 100%: From a practical point of view I have to admit that not having a great experience, I have not given 100% of my potential. I justify this lack but the lack of knowledge of the specific exercise. A person must try to give 100% of their potential to achieve a consistent result.

MENTAL EFFORT: It is also good to know that before taking a test you must also be prepared for the mental point of view. The effort is sure enough intense and mentally challenging.

I recommend that you try the test on a day when you have rested well and are not in a loading phase in the training plan.

Finally, I managed to take the test… Do you want to see how did I do?