Fifth Place for Julien Absalon in the Opening Round of the French Cup

Julien Absalon finished fifth in the opening round of the French Cup in Marseille over 25-27 March.Although always happy to race on home soil, the French rider wasn’t feeling his best and was suffering from allergies. Among a group of very talented French riders including Victor Koretsky, Titouan Carro, Jordan Sarrou and Maxime Marotte, fifth place was the best he could produce.


“Fifth place is definitely not what I expected”, he explained. “I didn’t feel at my best. I was tired and struggled with my allergies so I just wasn’t able to fight for a better spot. I hope I can fix these problems as soon as possible. The first World Cup is in a month’s time and the European World Cup rounds are in a couple of months so I still have a bit of time ahead of me.”



  1. Victor Koretsky
  2. Titouan Carod
  3. Jordan Sarrou
  4. Maxime Marotte
  5. Julien Absalon

Full results here.