The cold is pungent and going out on a bike is out of the question. You hear that many are already riding, the most aggressive have moved to the heat to emulate the professionals of the pedal.

For you, cycling is a great passion, but you would never want to be a 2-wheeled fundamentalist. You like to ride when work and family allow it. But you understand that the sport of cycling has changed a lot. We’re talking about watts and high-intensity work. New instruments are used, such as the power meter, and it is necessary to interpret the data so extrapolated. It is not only necessary to measure, but also to understand, interpret and plan the work done.

It’s a different workout than you’re used to. A type of training based on scientific criteria to be set even without a coach to follow you every mile with the car.

This transition, from a DIY job to a scientific one, costs a certain initial effort, especially mental. It can happen to amateur cyclists who have not kept up with the times, or to young people who change competitive categories. It means getting out of one’s routine and into an area that is feared in some ways, because it is unknown to many.

That’s why Sport Plus Health can guide you easily thanks to its app. Let our virtual coach, or a real coach, guide you. For example, start with the FTP evaluation test, plan work and rest periods.

Remember, however, there are not only watts and miles. An individual also suffers external tension and stress, which affect the proper functioning of the body. That is why we are also developing a project related to HRV. Follow us carefully and download Sport Plus Health.