Granfondo Fausto Coppi, the Alps of the sea

Sunday July 12 the 28th edition of Fausto Coppi will kick off. This is one of the most beautiful, scenic and challenging cycling marathons in Europe. Members are already more than 1600, so it is expected a massive participation, and 30% of them comes from abroad.

The Fausto Coppi – The Alps of the sea, its first edition was in 1987, is a cycling marathon considered among the “big” four of the international cycling scene, an event that each year collects in the province of Cuneo thousands of cyclists from all over the world, thanks to challenging locations and breathtaking scenery. The appreciation of the cyclists in the world is shown by the massive presence of foreign athletes: 30% of the total, this year. The countries most represented are the Netherlands and France, followed by Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Monaco, England, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Norway, New Zealand, Romania, Switzerland, Tahiti, USA and Mexico.

This Granfondo is very tough and technical, but it has also a strong touristic value as it leads cyclists to discover some of the most beautiful mountains in the Piedmont and Italy. Among all stands the splendid Col Fauniera (2,481 m), climbed by the Giro d’Italia in 1999 and partially in 2003.

The event includes two paths: Granfondo, of 177 km with 4125 meters of drop divided into four main climbs. The second one is a little ‘shorter and easier’, for a Mediofondo of 111 kilometers with 2500 meters of drop in between the two climbs. The complete route is a journey inside of the Hautes Alpes.

For both races the start will be on Sunday, July 12 at 7 am from Piazza Galimberti in Cuneo. Granfondo will go for Brossasco, through Madonna dell’Olmo, Busca, Piasco, Venasca. From Brossasco junction for Valmala, cyclists will face the first pass of the day: the climb to the sanctuary (1380 m). It is reached after almost 10 kilometers of ascent with an average gradient of 8%, but also challenging peaks of 14%. Once arrived at Pian Pietro (1354 m) the new road comes, with a descent of about 10 km technically demanding, until Lemma and hence the connection with the Colletta of Rossana. Cyclists then reach Dronero, at the mouth of the Valle Maira, where they will face the second effort of the day: the rise in Montemale passing to the Piatta of Soprana at an altitude of 1136 meters and then the climb to Col Fauniera (2481 m) to descend into the valley of the Arma until Demonte. Finally Festiona, Madonna del Colletto (1310 m), Valdieri, Borgo San Dalmazzo to arrive in Cuneo.

The Fausto Coppi Mediofondo, 111 km for 2500 m in altitude, sees his start with the Marathon at 7 in Piazza Galimberti of Cuneo. It separates from it at the Soleri viaduct (Ponte Nuovo) and proceeds to Caraglio, Valgrana and Monterosso Grana, rejoining the route of the Marathon for the climb to Col Fauniera, then get to Cuneo.

A curiosity of this edition is the new shirt made by the French company Ekoi, known name in international cycling and sponsor of great champions, who created a highly technical chief, produced in Italy with national fabric. The mesh is characterized by long zip, three pockets on the back and three different fabrics: breathable windproof on the front, breathable mesh on the back and Lycra on the hips and shoulders, characteristics that makes the garment a comfortable “second skin”.

Sport Plus Health is sponsoring the event.




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