IMOLA: How strong is Matej Mohoric? Many people have asked themselves this question in these days at the Giro d’Italia. During the stage at Imola, he was ready to help the leader Domenico Pozzovivo, who was lingering on a hard day due to the rain. Coming back in the group, Mohoric has launched an attack together with the Colombian Carlos Betancour. After the victory in spring at the GP Industria e Artigianato and the victory at the 10th stage of the Giro in Gualdo Tadino, he must have tought that it could have been another good day. The legs were strong, but that bit of final indecision made the sprinter Sam Bennet to take advantage of the situation.

The opportunity is nuanced, but what an amazing demonstration of class. However, it’s not a news, considering that he already has 2 World, Junior and Under 23 titles.

A brainy boy, with a smart cleverness and almost wise. He was living in a small countryside, with his parents daily busy in managing both a normal job and a farm. A guy never trivial and able to speak several languages ​​such as Italian, English and German. It’s up to him to give us this gem. “I think it’s very important to be happy and try to be glad. I always look for the best in things and people. I cannot say if this is actually an advantage for me, but in this way I feel good. When I have a bad day, I do not get angry too much: life is short and it’s a shame to waste time. I always try to find the best in what the life offers to me”.

Matej Mohoric and the entire Bahrain Merida Team train with Sport Plus Health

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Arrival order: 1. Sam BENNETT (Irl – Bora-Hasgrohe) 214 km in 4h49’34’’, average 44,34 km/h; 2. Van Poppel (NL); 3. Bonifazio; 4. Planckaert (Bel); 5. Roelandts (Bel); 6. Morkov (Dan); 7. Belletti; 8. Venturini (Fra); 9. Senechal (Fra); 10. Battaglin; 18. Pozzovivo; 20. Carapaz (Ecu); 27. Dumoulin (NL); 28. G. Bennett (N. Zel); 32. S. Yates (Gb); 36. Lopez (Col); 37. Froome (Gb); 38. Pinot (Fra); 42. Aru.

Rankings : Simon YATES (Gb – Mitchelton-Scott); 2. Dumoulin (NL) at 47’’; 3. Pinot (Fra) a 1’04’’; 4. Pozzovivo a 1’18’’; 5. Carapaz (Ecu) at 1’56’’; 6. G. Bennett (N.Zel) at 2’09’’; 7. Dennis (Aus) at 2’36’’; 8. Bilbao (Spa) a 2’54’’; 9. Konrad (Aut) at 2’55’’; 10. Aru at 3’10’’; 11. Lopez (Col) at 3’17’’; 12. Froome (Gb) at 3’20’’.