How to prepare a race – Part 1

Paolo Lanfranco, the 27 years old athlete that with the help of Sport plus Health is training to take on the Ironman race, works as a personal trainer in his own gym in Savigliano (Italy). There is no one better than him to give us the ten golden rules to get in the best shape for a race. So, without further ado we present you Paolo’s first five secrets to take on any competition.

  • When preparing for a race it’s more important quality than quantity. You need to be set on your goals and everything you need to archive it. When preparing for a race you have to take into account any possible changes and events in our lives. From a simple flu to a more challenging week at work. You should never give up your training, just do it with more attention and care for your needs”.
  • Rely on a professional. No one can do it alone. Before starting you should know your body well and know what the race asks of you. This requires a long and attentive study, so who better than a personal trainer to give you the guidance lines for an effective training?”
  • Be careful of what you eat. Once a cyclist just had to ride his bike and start going. In time people found out that many different factors work toward making someone a champion, and what you eat is one of them. You should eat healthy and enough to sustain you during the long hours of training. The best way to do it is to rely on a nutritionist so that a professional can give you the perfect diet based on your training program”.
  • Don’t forget your mind! Before starting my preparation for the Ironman, I asked my wife if she was willing to support me. It’s important to be motivated and to believe in yourself but it’s also important to have your friends and family by your side. On sundays I often have to train and I can’t spend my free time with my wife like I’d love to, but knowing she believes in me and she is ready to take on this adventure with me is amazing”.
  • Do not overtrain. You need to do what you should, not more because otherwise you body may end up not being able to take the strain. Resting days are mandatory and, if possible, you should have a massage to relax your muscles. At times it is heart to stop because we picture sport like a relief from stress. When I talk about rest I mean complete rest because even a softer training can end up being bad for your body. Our body needs time”.

Next week you will find out the other five golden rules of training.