How to prepare a race – Part 2

Paolo Lanfranco, the 27 years old that is getting ready to take on the Ironman race with the help of Sport plus Health,works as a personal trainer in his own gym in Savigliano (Italy). He has already given us the first five golden rules to prepare for a race in the best way possible. Here are the other five advice to become a better athlete.

  • When you start something you have to get to the finish line. Tenacity is one of the most important thing for any athlete. You need to be able to deal with everything around you and never let your body completely at rest for long periods of time. For example, you need to train even while on vacation”.
  • Don’t deprive yourself of everything. A birthday is certainly not an excuse to eat three pieces of cake, but one slice to celebrate won’t do any harm and will lift your spirit. You need to enjoy life to the fullest, and you can’t do it in a balanced and healthy way”.
  • Your training will keep on changing and evolving. Many ask me how can I prep for the Ironman race just but training one hour everyday. But the “one hour a day” is just a weekly average. There are gonna be some days when I train more than one hour and some when I don’t train at all (remember rule n.5). The closer to the race the more my average is gonna grow”.
  • Keep track of your improvements and your physical state. The Sport plus Health app really come in handy during training because it allows you to record all your performances. Rewatch the paths you have taken and your results to improve your technique and resistance”.
  • The first day in a race you shouldn’t be relaxing completely. A soft, light activity helps keeping the muscles active and get to the race in the best shape. The finale week should be an unloading week to keep in shape. You need to be relaxed during a race as it is too late to change anything. The biggest part of the job is already done. Just keep it short and light and you’ll do great”.