Bicycling components company Full Speed Ahead are proud to announce their partnership with Sport Plus Health for the upcoming months. Sport Plus Health are the developers of an integrated platform for professional training analysis that uses data from sensors to record sessions and show a wide range of information in real time.

Over the next months all those who purchase the FSA PowerBox powermeter crankset will have an opportunity for a 6-month free subscription to the Sport Plus Health App and will also be able to access all the services provided by the application.

This is certainly an offer not to be missed when purchasing an FSA PowerBox crankset. Thanks to the App, based on validated physical test, the riders can track their data from their FSA PowerBox “live”, saving them to plan future trainings and monitor the performance trend over time.

Through the App, you can acquire valuable data tracked by the FSA Powerbox. Its most important upgrades include:

• Right / Left Balance: the L/R balance shows you the percentage each leg is contributing to your total power output. (power left = pressure on the left pedal + pull up on the right pedal; power right = pressure on the right pedal + pull up on the left pedal).

• Pedal Smoothness upgrade: Pedal smoothness is an advanced metric for riders who want to optimize their pedalling. It shows you how evenly power is applied throughout the whole 360- degree pedal rotation. FSA PowerBox power meters collect the data for both legs combined. Please note that transmission of this data to your bike computer is only possible via ANT+.

• Torque upgrade: Torque is an interesting value especially for sprinters and track riders who want to measure their peak power output. This value shows you the power independent from your cadence. Please note you must check if your bike computer can show the torque value before upgrading your FSA PowerBox.