In the house of the Trullo volante

ALBEROBELLO: Another round of carousel. The Giro change region but the landscape show is always amazing and, while in the North of Italy is a rainy day, this #Giro100 is still shining in the sun. In the stage of today the group arrive at Alberobello, the town of Trulli. In the modern cycling this town is famous for the Trullo Volante, Leonardo Piepoli, teammate of Riccardo Riccò and a domestique in helping captains uphill.

THE STAGE: 224 km from Castrovillari to Alberobello, with just one GPM of fourth category at Bosco delle Pianelle. The stage is suitable for the sprinters but the are many pitfalls. The stage is far from simple with many town crossed that will make life hard for athletes between roundabouts, traffic island, paved road and bumps. To all this pitfalls should added the wind danger. The last five kilometers could be really hard to handle by the less prepared sprinters. Last curve of the road is at 700 meters from the arrival, with a slight deviation in the final 100 meters.

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