#INGIRO: Is this Alps or Caribbean? Simply Sardinia.

Is this Alps or Caribbean? Is simply Sardinia. In what we might call #fuorigiro you have the opportunity to discover all the beautiful scenario that we encounter with the race.

Today route will start from Olbia and then go to Tortolì, in Ogliastra, in the eastern of the island in a rapid succession of wonderful landscapes. Once crossed the Costa Smeralda the route climbs up to the Genna Silana, where you will find evergreen woods, just like the Alps.

This is the Gulf of Orosei Park where along its descent you will pass through the village of Baunei. Here if you leave the race track you could reach Cala Goloritzè. A small beach accessible only after a 90’ walk along the path from the Baunei plateau or coming by sea.

The view from beach is amazing with colors ranging from the light blue coral to an intense blue. The sand is fine and the water clear. 

Are we in the Caribbean? No, is just Sardinia, shortly before the entrance to the pretty village of Tortlì – Arbatax. It will be a game for sprinters because the last 40 km are a steady downhill.

Who will know whether the Austrian Luka PÖSTLBERGER will be able to keep the jersey? I hope so because we are in the same hotel.

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