Kattegattleden, the bicycle lane which discloses the beauties of Sweden

Sweden presented its first national bicycle lane, a 370 kilometres path that crosses a coastal area of rare beauty.The route starts from Helsingborg and arrives in Göteborg, is divided into eight lengths, each one offering interesting destinations, places for sojourn and gastronomic discoveries, where you can find bicycles on hire and dedicated services.

We are in the southwest Sweden, along the coast facing Kattegatt, the strait between Sweden and the Danish Jutland peninsula (north of Copenhagen). The route starts from Helsingborg and arrives in Göteborg, crossing the fertile province of Halland. Sure enough, the travel can start from every point along the route.

Fantastic natural coasts, wonderful shores and panoramic areas await you. The route (largely made-up road banned on cars) winds through picturesque fishing villages and homely towns, along with historic areas, health spas, but also frequent cafés and restaurants; and, for nights, many options for accommodation, from camping and B&B to hotels.

  1. Helsingborg – Höganäs, 22 km

The first stage, the shortest one, covers just 22 kilometres. It links the city of Helsinborg to the touristic harbour of Höganäs. A nice coastal trip, with a sight on Öresund, where Sweden and Denmark almost touch each other. The departure is from Helsingborg, a city with many historic relicts and a renowned park with over ten thousand rhododendron bushes. Then, lively fishing villages and little touristic harbours, such as Domsten e Viken, flank the route. The area offers a series of activities such as hiking and climbing on cliffs, which stand over until 187 metres, falling sheer into the sea. This is also an important agricultural area; some of the best vineyard of Skåne are here. Once you arrived in Höganäs, the market of local products is not to be missed.

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  1. Höganäs – Ängelholm, 40 km

The tour continues along the astonishing Kullahalvön peninsula until the fifteenth-century city of Ängelholm. On this length, go past many beautiful shores and characteristic harbours. Other than vineyards and farms, the peninsula is famous for the ceramic pottery manufacturing, with many artisan workshops. If you do not lose sight of the sea, you have some chances to sight seals and cowfishes. Once you crossed the Vege River, a paradise for fishers, a detour leads to the beautiful Vegeholm Manor.

  1. Ängelholm- Båstad, 36 km

From Ängelholm, the Kattegattleden continues along the coast until Vejbystrand. You pedal through meadows sailing along the sea, a handful of coastal villages, and short wooded lengths. In Ängelsbäcksstrand the route deflects from the coast and strikes across the whole peninsula. At first, the climb is soft but soon enough it becomes harder. After a breathtaking descent down the ridge, the length ends in Båstad.

  1. Båstad – Laholm – Halmstad, 39 km

The Kattegattleden continues with an easy length until Hemmeslöv. A visit at Skottorp Castle with the tasting of a good coffee in the café inside the castle, before the departure towards the coast. The centre of Laholm is worth a visit, with its narrow pebbly streets and a homely atmosphere. The route travels across a wonderful natural scenery, with shores made by long sandy dunes until you get to Skummeslövstrand and Mellbystrand. After you have crossed the Hökafältet pinewood forest, you reach a beautiful place to rest within sight of Lagaoset, where the Lagan River runs into the ocean. Here the sunsets are amazing. The Kattegattleden continues in the inland until you reach the centre of Halmstad and the famous castle.


  1. Halmstad – Falkenberg, about 57 km

Now the travel continues going west, towards one of the most beloved shores of the occidental coast: Tylösand. The shore is provided with lifesavers during the whole summer. From here, you continue going east to meet Kustvägen, the coastal road. The visit of the windmill in Sardal is recommended; you find a café and a shop with local agriproducts.  You cross various beautiful natural reserves both before and after the village of Steninge. You carry on until Falkenberg, locality famous for salmon fishing.

  1. Falkenberg – Varberg, about 40 km

The bicycle lane continues through the city of Falkenberg, one of the most ancient centres of the province of Halland. Along the way to Varberg, you find a natural reserve where birds crowd, some picturesque fishing villages, a small shops with agriproducts and lastly, there are shores to suit all tastes. You go past Apelviken, a shore which attracts hundreds of surfers from all Europe.


  1. Varberg – Kungsbacka, about 74 km

In the north part of Varberg, the landscape changes: sandy shores become rocky cliffs and the first islands, such as Getterön, Balgo and Vendelsö, begin to materialize. The route continue on the old railway, where you can also enjoy a pedestrian lane along the coast. A break in one of the shores in Åsa enjoying an ice-cream or a dainty in the local bakery. A detour towards the Tjolöholm Castle, the only Tudor castle in Sweden, and then again on the road towards Fjärås Bračka. From there you pedal on narrow streets; the bicycle lane is on the edge of the fields and travels across some towns. In Kungsbacka you move on bicycle lanes; the city in one of the biggest business centres in West Sweden.


  1. Kungsbacka – Göteborg, about 63 km

The Kattegattleden runs along the bicycle lanes near to Kungsbacka Fjord. The Onsalahalvön peninsula has a long maritime history. Gottskär, in the farthermost place in the peninsula, is worth a pause for a tasting of the famous raspberry cake in Jonssons Konditori. A walking in the Särö Västerskog natural reserve is not to be missed, too; leaving behind the coastal localities, you reach the railway on the old Säröbanan track running aside the water. Cliffs, lush forests, bays and little harbours flank the path and there are many places suitable for swimming. The travel carries on along the Göta Alv River, before reaching your final destination: the Göteborg Opera and the Lilla Bommen Harbour. Welcome in Göteborg.

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