Montblanc, the Granfondo on the roof of Europe is about to start

All set in Courmayeur for MontBlanc Granfondo 2015. Departure Sunday, July 5, with two tracks designed on the majestic mountains of the Valle d’Aosta, at the foot of Mont Blanc

After the winter season and the skiing one, the region has still a lot to offer. 138 km for the most trained cyclists, 95 km for the less prepared ones. And news of 2015 an interesting gourmet tour. All set in the stunning scenery of Aosta Valley, made of nature, colors, scents and outdoor life. A place where bike is definitely the most suitable means of transport to get in connection with the surrounding environment.

Faster than trekking, slower than motorized vehicles and silent, as the nature requires.
The race is on two competitive tracks, starting and finishing from the pearl of the Aosta Valley: Courmayeur. In the town we expect more than two thousand cyclists with their families. Between these, the ones trained for long distances can enjoy with the Granfondo that in 138 km is capable of accumulating 3800 meters of elevation gain. More suited to less trained athletes is instead the path of Mediofondo, 95 km with 2100 meters of gain.


The news, a Gourmet tour!
To make everyone’s experience unique is born the gourmet tour: a path through enogastronomy of Aosta Valley. A small tour to discover landscapes, scents and flavors of this region on the roof of Europe. Simone Origone, champion of speed skiing and current holder of the World record of 252.632 km/h, will be the leader of this journey!

But The Montblanc is not just cycling. From Friday July 3 to Saturday July 5 entertainment for all.

Subscriptions are already open and there are time frames during which you can take advantage of competitive entry fees.

The Montblanc is a bike race, but above all it is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the views encountered along the way. The roads will be closed to traffic for the time imposed by the prefecture, in order to ensure the safety of cyclists.

Both paths are still challenging, therefore it is good to show up at the start with the right degree of preparation and training.

Given the extensive program of events it is a wonderful opportunity to bring the family at the foot of Mont Blanc.

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Alberto Laurora, event organizer.
Since a long time I am managing events in sport and in particular snow and bike. La MontBlanc, thanks to its unique location, wants to be a container of activities that revolve around the endlessly bike world.

Mountains, paths, colors are the marvels of the valley and Courmayeur is its queen.

There are important initiatives around the world of E/Bike and we have a rich program of events.


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