PESCHICI: from Molfetta to Peschici there are 189 km from the province of Foggia to Bari, 2 cities linked more to football than to bikes. The first still remember the era of Zemanlandia and the Foggia of miracles of Ciccio Baiano, the other is Bari of the Matarrese, a family that has reached the top of the Federcalcio.

The Giro then arrive in Peschici, where in a cycling of another era, Danilo Di Luca was able to catch a spectacular win with an acceleration worthy of his nickname: « the killer ».

Here in Peschici, a new « killer » is being sought in this stage, which could come out of either the group of favorites or by the single stage specialists.

If you want to see al these pitfalls to better understood this stage difficulties then view the Google StreetView on our website