Opening the way? With high Watts. Words of a coach.

The analysis by coach Paolo Marchetti.

Analyzing the file from Davide Martinelli, regarding the 6th stage of the Tour of Guangxi, the last event of the season, we see a 168 km track at an average speed of 44 kmh. A very fast stage with an high cadence even if this is the last seasonal effort. The total distance has been covered in 3 hours and 47 minutes.

In the last part of the stage we can see a number of fast rythm variations, very complex to manage. These continued until the moment when our athlete took the control of the race with a progression of more than 1100 Watt which hits the group and allows the Quick Step Floors racers to win the stage.

We can confirm, as already mentioned, that a good job during the finishing workouts allowed Davide to be ready for the second-last man role, the one bringing the sprinter teammates in front of the group.

THE DETAILS: in the last 7 km you can measure an average power of more than 295 Watt and an average speed of 53 kmh. The maximum speed is 65 kmh during the launch phase, when he sustained the highest effort.

To confirm how good was this exploit we can look at the heart rate, its peak of 188 ppm and 1162 Watt during the key phase of the race.

The end of the race has been very hard because of the continuous sprints and rythm changes until the last moment.

One last note confirming the great physical condition of Davide: once its work was done, he recovered very rapidly until the GPS stop, passing from 188 ppm to 140 in more or less a minute.