Paola Gianotti chose SPH for her new adventure

After the record tour covering over 30.000 kilometers in 144 days Paola Gianotti, the ex-manager who become athlete, leaves to “cross” Russia.

Paola Gianotti: Ivrea-born but citizen of the world. Nothing is more true to Paola which, after a degree in economics and a communications company closed because of the crisis, makes the decision to fulfill her dream: the tour of the world by bicycle. And she did it, setting a Guinness record: nearly 30 thousand kilometers in just 144 days. Now she is leaving for a new adventure, in tandem with another athlete and supported by SPH, the app that will allow her to always have the current situation under control. We asked her to tell us all about the next trip.

Paola, when do you leave and to where?
July 15th I will leave for a new adventure: I will cross Russia for about 10.000 kilometers in a race, using a Cinelli racing bike, this time paired with another guy, taking turns in the relay. I will use the app SPH to monitor all my trip and the great thing is that people can see in real time on the web where I am, my position, my heart rate at that time, the cadence, all that’s going on at that time on the other side of the world.

Why did you choose SPH for your new adventure?
Because it is an indispensable app: it allows me to track all the paths that I follow to have a complete mapping. I downloaded it to the smartphone and now I use it both for training and competitions. I see my movements, the path on Google Maps and moreover I can connect the app to a heart rate monitor to check in real time the situation. There is also a sensor that serves to measure the level of power measured while pedaling. It is also connected to the Internet so when I synchronize data at the end of a training session or a race I can see even the weather conditions and for example I can discover exactly how much wind there was. These data are important for a cyclist, indispensable when you have to travel many kilometers a day. SPH gives a complete analysis of trainings and competitions.

Is SPH only suitable for athletes?

No, it is also indicated for the trainers. On the app, in fact, I can enter the workouts recommended by my coach, so while I pedal I know what I should do. And through this app he can even see the progress of my heart, and if he realizes that I’m tired he can tell me that I have to rest. The decision to use SPH allows me to test all my tracks, to check my vital signs, in order to better address even the most severe trials, such as the tour around the world, where I covered 250 kilometers per day. It ‘s very important to have all the situation under control.

Tell us something about you Paola…
I am from Ivrea, I’m 34, I graduated in economics and I had a business of marketing and communication that in 2012 I had to close. That’s when I decided to follow what was the biggest dream of my life: try to complete the tour of the world by bicycle. I wanted to start by addressing a big sporting challenge especially to be able to give a new twist to my life, and since my two great passions are sport and the journeys I wanted to be able to work in those fields. Only after a big challenge I imagined that those doors were opening and they did it. I’ve been around the world and when I came back I started keeping motivational courses within companies, I’m finishing writing a book and I still prepare new tours. Like the one waiting for me soon!

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