Paola Gianotti tells us about her Trans-Siberian

The presence of our two athletes at the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme 2015, especially Paola Gianotti’s, a woman, filled the newspapers ‘pages. Here is what Paola told us on her return, her impressions on the venture and the importance of being able to count on the right technical supports, just like Sport Plus Health App.


“It was rough but highly satisfying. Russia is huge. Being in a single state and travelling across two continents, it is something spectacular. The continuous climate changes were demanding, as much as the roads, because of the uneven surfaces, and having very long straight stretches was really difficult ‘by head’. I had fun nevertheless, I met people, it has been a life experience, both social and human. For me arriving at the finishing line with a two hours advantage over the first couple – made by practitioners- is a great record”.

These were Paola Gianotti’s words on her return from the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme venture. The only woman racing, in fact she gained the third place along with her racing partner Paolo Aste.

The race started from Moscow and came to an end after 9195km, in Vladivostok, in Siberia’s farthest north, in front of Alaskan coast. The team sponsored by us covered the race within 286 hours, 6 minutes and 46 seconds, with an average of 32.1 kilometres per hour; there were many climbs, with a total difference in altitude of 51.300 metres.

Sport Plus Health App helped our athletes. Paola Gianotti said “It was really useful because it provided us all the data regarding my course: mileage, averages, wattage – I had the power meter-. So I was able to check every day what was changing as I practiced myself. It surely was really useful, it served during every stage, I also kept under control my heartbeat. In a word, I had a plenty of interesting data, not just for checking the mileage and averages, but also in reference to heart. I was able to see the entire course I was doing, too”.

Various media dealt with the venture: Paola Gianotti guested on Uno Mattina, broadcasted by Rai Uno; Sportweek (La Gazzetta dello Sport’s weekly edition) dedicated a broad and detailed report to the athlete, La Stampa, Il Giornale dedicated al half page to her, this former manager who got into a Guinnes World Record for being the woman making the fastest world tour by bike, despite a serious accident on the road. Within a few days, on 15th September, Paola Gianotti’s book “Sognando l’infinito: come ho fatto il giro del mondo in bicicletta” is going to come out along with a preface made by the famous DJ Linus


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