Paola Gianotti, Woman of Records

After cycling around the world and earning her first Guinness World Record, last spring Paola Gianotti decided to take on a new unique adventure: bike through the 48 States of America in 48 days. For a gran total of 12.000 km to reach an important goal. 48 bicycles – for the 48 states she travelled through – to donate to the women of a village near the capital of Uganda. A simple gesture, full of meaning. For a woman living in Uganda a bicycle means freedom to move, to go to work, to live a more dignified life. Paola reached her goal and last May she brought the 48 bicycles to the village women. This fantastic journey got her a second Guinness World Record as the fastest woman in the world to travel through the 48 states on bike, in only 43 days. Sport Plus Health has been with her through it all, during the hardest days, with passion and happiness. Paola perfectly embodies the SPH athlete, someone who doesn’t give up when facing hardships that always strive to improve.

You are stronger than you think.