Paolo Lanfranco is ready to challenge the Ironman myth

Paolo Lanfranco is 27 years old and has a goal: completing the Ironman 2017 race. An important event, especially for a boy that talks about sport as «a hobby» more than a job.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am not a professional athlete and I don’t plan to become one. I work as a personal trainer and PTI, for me sport is a passion. I decided to face this challenge because I firmly believe that even with few training sessions, but good quality ones at that, you can attain good results.

What made you choose the Ironman race?

I am doing it for Christian, a dear friend of mine who passed away not long ago. He knew I wanted to do this and I decided to actually do it, in his honor.

Tell us about your collaboration with “Voglia di Crescere” (Desire to grow)

Voglia di Crescere is an non profit organization I am very close to. It helps premature children who face problems during their growth. They helped my nephew and ever since that I have always supported their cause. With Christian’s mother we decided to devolve the donations I receive on my site, to this incredible organization.

On the site it is possible to follow your daily training, why did you make this choice?

I want to debunk the Ironman myth. It is not a race for super humans, you just need some good training and anyone can do it. I have decided to show everything I do, from what I eat to how much I sleep. It is a huge responsibility but I am sure I can make it.

How is Sport plus Health helping you prepare for the race?

My live training will soon be available thanks to the new SPH app “Follow Me”. These apps are helping me keep track of my results and improvements and share them with everyone. The thing I like the most about SPH is that it is more than just an app, it’a a social. It is great to share your results and get inspired by others. Everyone that loves sport as much as I do and have a desire to start training can have a head start, without having to spend a lot of money.