Hello, we kindly ask you 45″ of your time.

The SPH staff works with the goal of a more and more complete product for you athletes. Our energies are directed to the completion of the analysis platform, releasing complex data in simple form.

For this reason, we’re creating an index that can help you in assessing the state of your fitness. To refine this index, we need your cooperation!

In fact, we are looking for athletes willing to try a preview of a new feature of the app, related to the calculation of your daily HRV and analysis of workouts.

A very useful parameter to discover physical tiredness in the athlete’s body.

The HRV can also be measured in simple ways, for example by using the phone’s camera (or with specific heart bands) and indicates the difference in contraction times between one beat and the next.

Become our tester! Help us in this search and you will receive a one-year subscription to SPH.

If you’re interested please contact us, send an email to