Running is good for both body and mind

Running has various beneficial effects on people. It makes the body more toned and reactive, but also improves the health and the mind.

According to the specialist, the Nature programmed the Man for long-distance running. It is showed by the skeletal structure, the way the energy is consumed, the ability to work off heat. In fact, it is plausible to think that from ancient times the ability to run assisted humankind to defend itself, to hunt, to manage dangerous situations.

Nowadays, the running has other priorities: it makes us feel good and in harmony with our body. Improves the muscle tone and the metabolism, helps to lose weight, favours the blood circulation and instils a sense of well-being, because it puts us in a good mood. The running, as daily aerobic physical activity, is an effective tool for keeping under control the cholesterol level in the blood, so that it is a valid guardian for the heart. Besides all these properties, specialists recently found another one, not less important: development of memory.

A study of the Columbia University of New York shows that by tapping the oxygen in the air, the running increases the operoseness of the cerebral centres related to memories. Practically, the runner who runs duly stimulates the construction of neurons and the activity in the “dentate gyrus”, a part of the hippocampus which is crucial to the memory.

Well, what about using the park next home or a street not so busy –better if it is in a green area- to rediscover our primordial aptitude for the running?

With regard to the practice, the training consists of an initial five-minute walk, followed by one-minute running plus one-minute walk, alternating. During the next days, you add a minute to the running, while leaving the walk unchanged. (second day: 2′ run – 1′ walk; third day: 3′ run – 1′ walk, fourth day: 4′ run – 1 walk and so on).

SportPlusHealth Running App is planned for the professional runner, but also for the followers. The Apps allows, with the only use of the smartphone, to create personalized training tables and to record the personal training, showing in real time a various range of data. All of this thanks to a simple and practical interface. Read more here.