SPH a precious instrument for athletic trainers.

At the moment trainers make it a practice to send, generally by email, a training schedule for each athlete, which they are supposed to follow carefully when running;it has to do with various instructions oriented to keep count of time, generated power, heartbeat, etc. This operation is quite cumbersome for a runner to put into action.

With SportPlusHealth, it is all much more convenient and easier: the trainer manages to subdivide the training schedule into sub sessions, upload them into the App cloud. The athletes can download them from the cloud and have all the instructions stage by stage, from display to auricular and smartphone.

SportPlusHealth App is a revolutionary and favourable instrument for athletic trainers, which in able to free them from tables and analysis gathered on paper support; notes which are supposed to be studied, kept in order, and on the basis of which elaborate training programs in order to send them to each runner, and checking afterwards application and results.

Besides, SportPlusHealth allows to draw and memorize the routes and the performances in relation to each athlete during training, in order to look at the performance progress through time, but also managing the abidance of training schedules by an entire team (until sixteen athletes) and monitoring on a map where the single athletes are, in that exact moment.

Then, trainers who have had greater practice, who know their athletes very well, are able to find in the training schedules elaborated by SportPlusHealth a valid basis which they could personalized further depending on their needs and on runner’s characteristics.

Another advantage of the App is that it is focused only on the smartphone, with no need to be connected to another device to bring along.