sph_follow_me_bigAre you searching for an application which allows you to keep track of your loved ones when they go out for a training? Do you want to follow your favourite athletes while they work for the next season? Would you like to let your relatives know where you are training, to eventually manage dangerous situations together? SPH Follow me is the right application for you.

Did your son install SPH Cycling, SPH Running or SPH MTB on his smartphone? Buy him a PRO or Advance subscription and you will gain the possibility to track his workouts. You will just need to install the SPH Follow Me app from the Android Store and login using his account: when he will go out with the setting « Last position » activated, you will see his current position discovering when he will be back home!

Are you a cycling fan and you would like to follow your favourite athlete during his workouts? Download now SPH Follow Me, upgrade your subscription to Advance or PRO level, and search for him inside of the list. Soon you will receive a notification indicating that a new training has just started (they may not be in real-time), support him, discover how he is working for the next race, and maybe you could try the same.

While following your son or your favourite athlete you will be kept updated not just on the current position, but also on other real-time data like: speed, distance, power and heart rate.

All this data can be seen on a map, or using graphs and tables depending on your desire.