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The Summer Sales frenzy got to Sport plus Health too! Upgrade to an “advance” or “pro” account on our app and receive some of the most useful accessories for your training. To join in on this deal you just have to pick one of our subscription packages and you’ll find your gifts on your doorstep.


With a three month “advance” or “pro” subscription, Sport plus Health will give you an usb-otg cable to keep your smartphone connected at all time during your training.


A six month “advance” subscription gives you an universal support to attach your smartphone conformably on your handlebars. With a six month “pro” subscription you’ll get a smartphone case as well (available for both Android and iPhone).


To receive even more equipment, pick the annual “advance” or “pro” subscription. In addiction to the accessories to protect your smartphone you’ll receive an ANT+ cadence sensor or a HeartRateMonitor.

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Choosing Sport plus Health has never been so convenient. Get ready for the you cycling season like a pro athlete. Upgrade now