I’m starting from zero. I have no important technical basis and I let myself be guided by the desire to improve my physical fitness.

My approach to SportPlusHealth is precisely for this reason. I heard from some friends that you can do a physical evaluation test and then set up a personalized work plan based on the quality of the training.

For me it is an interesting speech, because it allows me to optimize my time which is divided between work and family. Let’s say it’s good fight, but I think it’s also fair to have a space at my disposal. Loving each other is a way to make others feel better. Obviously, one should not exaggerate and lead to selfishness, so I have to handle it carefully and with the help of someone who can help me in this regard.

LOW SHAPE: I choose to take the test immediately after the Christmas holiday. I’m overweight and untrained. I win the embarrassment, but maybe it’s the best time because I could hardly stay lower than this.

OBJECTIVE: my goal is to try to get in shape, using a methodology unknown to me, so I rely on the modernity that advances


Few tools. In my case, I have a Samsung smartphone and, on the bike, I can count on an FSA Powerbox power meter. This makes things easier for me from a technical point of view, because both the phone and the powerbox have a data transmission protocol called Ant+, which is much more stable in data transmission than Bluetooth.

(Meters also talk in Bluetooth, depending on the case. IPhones need an Ant+ key, in case power meter without Bluetooth).

SETTING: before proceeding it is important to enter my parameters. Weight (also clothing and bike weight) and height.

THE TEST: I choose a climb with moderate gradients, 5-6%, I do a short warm-up and then I try the 8′; to the best of my ability. This is an FTP test that lasts 8′. It’s winter and the physical skills are not yet at the top. I must also say that carrying out a test also requires a certain mental energy. There are times when you want to get up. . . but to finish the test, you can’t. J

As I go up, I hear the voice of the app that shows me the partial results such as the express wattage and the minutes missing to completion. I notice good news. On the screen of the phone, which I kept on the handlebars, I can even see the performance chart. (I can usually keep my phone in my shirt pocket too).

THE RESULT: The result from a numerical point of view I do not know if it is satisfactory or not. Of course, compared to the numbers expressed by the champions, I think it’s pretty ridiculous. 219 watts average in an 8′ test with a maximum wattage at 396 watts.

(These are my mistakes to avoid a bad result.) In the second test, repeated a week later, I did better, reaching an average of 249 watts.



(On the left there is the power graph of the first test. I didn’t give 100% on this test. On the right is the result of the second test, expressed by heart rate zones).

WORK SETTING: I requested my tables, trying to respect what are my free moments. For this reason, I choose to set 2 workouts on the weekend, 2 hours on Saturday and 2 on Sunday, and one during the week. Easily, given the period, the midweek will be given by a spinning class. For now, this is what I feel is within my grasp. Let’s see what SPH will help me do.


Stay tuned!! Download Sportplushealth