MONTE ZONCOLAN: Chriss Froome goes up, but Simon Yates does not go down. Tom Dumoulin resists, he deeply resists. The Giro d’Italia is beautiful, very beautiful. The Monte Zoncolan has not left great detachments, it is not crucial but it leaves so many toxins in the legs. And now, they start again and get closer to Trentino for the Trento-Rovereto time trial.

There are several hints of interest in the fight for the pink shirt. It will be definitely interesting to see Simon Yates’ reaction in the third week. The Englishman could live his first time as the undisputed protagonist, with all the stress that concerns it. Every day the leader of the race undergoes a series of extra efforts, due to the fact that the team must manage the race itself. In addition, a lot of commitments even after the race. The protocol includes anti-doping control, awards and interviews. He spent at least an hour in these activities. A lot of time, for those who pay attention to every single detail. In the economy of a great race, where attention is focused also on marginal gains, these are particulars that can weigh.

Moreover, Yates has a great fitness since a long time, during the spring he has already been a protagonist in several races. He does not think about it and he just keeps gaining ground every day. In some ways, he is already a moral winner of this Giro, but the option that he can go down is real.

And finally, there is Froome, coming back to success on the hardest climb. He was able to survive the falls and the crazy pressure that weighed on him. He has not collapsed from the nervous point of view and for this reason he has several reasons to be very confident. First of all, it has a palmares and an experience that no one in the group can boast right now. Secondly, his morale is skyrocketing. He found himself, he has prepared the appointment and certainly he would not loose a unique opportunity with a super-equipped team. The third week is on his side.

Lastly, Tom, hidden, silent but present and concrete. His gap is still good and last year he overtook at the last stage. Also at Zoncolan he demonstrated tactical intelligence and an incredible physical strength. In the end, he only had 37″ of detachment and in the standings he had 1 ‘: 24″. Not too much for a turbo like him.

ARRIVAL — 1. Chris FROOME (Gb – SKY) 186 km in 5.25’31’’, average 34’28’’; 2. Yates (Gb) at 6’’; 3. Pozzovivo a 23’’; 4. Lopez (Col) at 25’’; 5. Dumoulin (ND) at 37’’; 6. Pinot (Fra) at 42’’; 7. Poels (ND) at 1’07’’; 8. Reichenbach (Svi) at 1’19’’; 9. Bilbao (Spa) at 1’35’’; 10. Woods (Can) at 1’43’’; 12. G. Bennett (N. Zel) at 1’55’’; 13. Carapaz (Ecu) at 2’; 17. Aru at 2’23’’; 18. Formolo; 19. Dennis (Aus) at 2’35’’; 20. Ciccone at 2’44’’.

RANKINGS — 1. Simon YATES (Gb – Mitchelton-Scott); 2. Dumoulin (ND) at 1’24’’; 3. Pozzovivo a 1’37’’; 4. Pinot (Fra) at 1’46’’; 5. Froome (Gb) at 3’10’’; 6. Lopez (Col) at 3’42’’; 7. Carapaz (Ecu) at 3’56’’; 8. G. Bennett (N.Zel) at 4’04’’; 9. Bilbao (Spa) at 4’29’’; 10. Konrad (Aut) at 4’43’’; 11. Dennis (Aus) at 5’11’’; 12. Woods (Can) at 5’26’’; 13. Aru at 5’33’’.