The Tour de France technology in your smartphone

The Tour de France is without a doubt one of the most well known and beloved sporting event in the world. Catching our attention during this year race is theDimension Data tracker – mounted under the saddle – which transmitted cyclist’s performances in real time to offer fans more than just a television stream.

dimensionData2Bike lovers have had the chance to follow each and every aspect of the race. A small revolution for this sport and for sport live streaming in general. An innovation that is not just prerogative of Dimension Data.

Sport plus Health has already developed the SPH Supervisor app which, in association with our SPH Cycling, SPH Running and SPH MTB app will allow all fans to discover their favorite athlete’ secrets and to give trainer a useful tool to follow their athletes progress.

An unique app available for everyone, without spending money on sensor or other tracking technologies. You just need a smartphone to have a data transmission system in real time that allows you to follow athletes during a race. All this while being one of the best cycle computer on the market.

dimensionData1Do you want to know how fast an athlete goes during a race? Do you want to know every secret of the Tour de France stops? Now you can. And, thanks to Sport plus Health, you will be able to know the cadence of an athlete cycling up the Tourmalet or his power cycling up the Izoard. With SPH Supervisor you can also verify athletes’s heart frequency.

If you are a professional or recreational athlete you won’t be able to go without SPH, available for cycling, running or mtb. All the apps are available for Apple and Android and can be downloaded for free in the store. Once you open the app, all you need to do is start training and all the datas regarding your performance will be recorded on the Sport plus Health platform, available for your computer.

If you are a trainer choose SPH Supervisor. A complete tool to follow athletes for afar and know their statistics in live time, in addiction to receiving maps and graphs to consult in a simple and efficient way.


If you are a fan and want to follow your favorites, choose SPH Follow Me (available soon). Thanks to SPH you can find out when and where the biggest cycling and running champions train. You can also receive an alert when your favorite athlete starts to train and try – why not! – to walk his steps.

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