To all Teams – SPH Supervisor is here


Chiasso (CH), April 28, 2016- Sport Plus Health enriches the app choices for the sport world with Supervisor, which is dedicated to the cycling sector.

This is an innovative technological platform for athletes, coaches, trainers or team managers, able to monitor the athletes’ trainings at all times.
Supervisor actually becomes an essential tool to use the telemetry in the cycling world, with all the advantages which result in data acquisition, measurements, performance analysis; regarding this, telemetry has become a very important topic for all disciplines related to the biking world since, recently, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has allowed its introduction in the official competitions.

Sport Plus Health, thanks to its technical knowledge and expertise in the development of technological supports for the sports industry, started to work on a tool matching the new needs of athletes and teams, together with the University of Verona which has validated the operation.

The new app has been designed for mobile devices and it is available for Android tablets and smartphones, and it will come very soon for iOS too.
According to Giovanni Ellena, sports director of Androni Giocattoli Sidermec team, « Supervisor is really something new, an app that has already changed the way we work. During the trainings it allows me to monitor in real-time my athletes, not just one but all of them simultaneously; moreover during races I can plan strategies, setting the app with the race path. « 

Sport Plus Health has recently made an agreement with Garmin, for which is an official partner, to share workouts data, regarding which full information will be widespread in the coming weeks.
SPH Supervisor is free for thirty days, in order to allow users to test the features before the subscription. To install it, simply visit the website or the Android Play Store or, soon, the iOS App Store.

On the Sport Plus Health official Youtube channel new video presentations of the app are available:
Race mode:

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