The question a cyclist asks is: why have you been training in power for a few years?

The use of watts is not a prerogative reserved for a well-defined sports elite, but it is an advantage for all cyclists and not only.

Training with watts means relying on a scientific data that does not undergo subjective variables that intervene when training for example based on heart beats.

What can these variables be? High temperature, a psychological stress condition (personal reasons, disappointments, work concerns) and substances such as caffeine that can have a major impact on heart activity and thus provide unreliable indications.

For this reason, you use a tool like the FSA Power Box power meter, which helps you in some important steps.

First of all, it allows you to avoid the mistake of training at intensity considered non-training or even counterproductive for the athlete. A nice advantage, right?

The other key aspect is to have a control over the planned training. Thanks to monitoring through the values expressed by the powerbox we are able to perform in the correct way the repetitions that require physical and mental effort. The motivation, during the repetition, may drop. The moment we see our wattage fall below the limit; we will immediately be led to push harder.

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