Trentino: a paradise for mountain bike

Trentino, land of climbers and skiers, is also a natural paradise for bicycle lovers. In the last few years, the region has been attracting more and more cycle tourists;with their bicycles they can choose between travelling pleasantly through routes into woods, or 400 kilometres of bicycle lanes which cross charming valleys, or a series of bicycle-friendly services, such as bicycle-hotel, bicycle-grill and cycle-guides available in the whole area. In confirmation of this tendency, there is the decision for the Sole Valley to host the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Cup 2016, dedicated to the disciplines of downhill, trials e four-cross.

Here are 5 circular and lower slopes routes where you can pedal into woods:

Corno della Paura – Brentonico. 20 km between Vallagarina and Garda Lake, where the front line crossed during the World War I. The circular route runs on the forestal road and allows to tower above the valley from various suggestive points.  Banale Tour – Stenico. The route explores an area not too far from Comano Baths. The touring starts from Stenico, where the famous castle is, and winds on road mixed with tar and clay through the little villages of the area. Visit in Deggia and Moline, once very lively villages, with their forges and mills. Length 40 km. Santa Colomba Lake – Cognola di Tranto. 22 km on a route recommended to those who wish to pedal somewhere about Trento but in any case far from the traffic. In starts in a hilly area (Cognola or Martignano) and proceeds towards the villages over Civezzano. Predaia Short Mtb Tour – Coredo. The Non Valley, famous for the apple culture, hosts this easy route, where you pedal and discover little villages, plateaus with an open view and peaceful ponds. Length 27 km. Delle Pozze Tour – Vetriolo Baths. A 22km long route discovering the peaks of Panarotta, Fravort and Gronlait. This is the southern zone of Lagorai, one of the wildest but equally characteristic areas of Trentino.

On the other hand, these are the many bicycle lanes, more than 400 km of roads, dedicated to the bicycle lovers: North Adige Valley, starts from the border with the province of Bolzano and reaches Trento. 27 km. South Adige Valley, from Trento to Borghetto sull’Adige. About 45 km winding through the vineyards of Marzemino and Trento DOC. Valsugana, from Calceranica to Bassano del Grappa, 80 km in all. The lane links Trentino to Veneto. Fiemme and Fassa Valley, a bicycle lane for two valleys, in front of Dolomites, UNESCO world heritage site. It starts from Molina di Fiemme and arrives in Pozza di Fassa, 40 km in all. Dei Laghi Valley, from Torbole to Sarche, 15 km in all. The bicycle lane starts in typical areas for the production of salt meat and Vin Santo. Low Sarca, from Mori/Rovereto to Riva del Garda, 20 km between the beauties of Varone’s Falls and the extraordinary fortress in the centre of Riva del Garda. Every year in Riva, the Bike Festival takes place, the biggest European exhibition about cycling. Val di Ledro, from D’Ampola Lake to Molina. 13 km along which you can discover the Palafitte Museum of Molina. Giudicarie and Chiese’s Valley, from Tione di Trento to D’Indro Lake, 40 km in all. Along the route, the Rio Caino Ecomuseum is worth a visit. Val Rendena, from Carisolo to Tione di Trento. 17 km along which you can visit the church in S.Vigilio di Pinzolo along with the murals about the Dance of Death. High Non Valley, from Malgolo to Ronzone, 25 km. Stage in Thun Castle and in Ton, just a few kilometres farther south. Primiero, from Imer to Siror, 12 km for pedalling in the area of Paneceggio Pale of San Martino Wildlife Reserve. The Sole Valley, from Mostizzolo to Cogolo, 35 km. The bicycle lane runs along the side of Noce River, the paradise for the water sports like rafting, hydrospeed and canoe.

In September 2016 the Sole Valley is going to host the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Cup 2016, dedicated to the disciplines downhill, trials e four-cross, event which confirms the trust of the international situation in the locality of Trentino, but also its will to put itself in as an important destination regarding mountain bike. The downhill is a specialty in the mountain bike and takes place in individual timed races along routes with different difficulties. The route of the Sole Valley, known as one of the most technical in the world, updates with new lanes. It gets 300 metres longer in the high part, with a fast flow section and an extraordinary road gap.

The four cross is a knock-out competition among four biker, on a route of 600 metres with leaps, obstacles and parables, similar to ski cross. The athletes are about 100, the strongest around the world; they are going to challenge each other on the spectacular route of Sole Valley in a race to the last leap. The trial is the specialty of bicycle funambulists, acrobats and equilibrists on two-wheels. The trials includes natural routes (with obstacles from the surrounding area) and indoor routes (with specifically made up obstacles): the contenders face these routes being supposed to bring them off without putting a foot on the ground, in order to avoid penalties, and having a fixed time.