Wellness in everyday life

Anxiety, stress and frenetic rhythms.
This is what today’s society imposes on us. Just maintaining a healthy VTA style in these conditions requires a considerable commitment.
A universally recognized method to reach this purpose is a constant work on one’s own body, which goes through regular physical activity.

SPH was born with the intent to provide a valid, all-round tool able to help to improve their daily life through exercise. The application is dedicated to those facing the world
of movement for the first time as well as to the most experienced athletes.

Introduce yourself to the movement

Before undertaking the Wellness path, it is necessary to observe some important precautions.
These mainly include the whole series of attentions to avoid injuries or problems that may arise during the hours of movement.

First of all, a basic rule of any physical activity is to be always aware of one’s state of health.
First and foremost, this means becoming aware of one’s own body, understanding what it is capable of and what its limits are.
In particular, it implies paying special attention to those situations of cardiovascular, respiratory or metabolic discomfort, which can often result in unpleasant situations or even cause unwanted damage.
If you are unsure, rather than starting physical activity unprepared, it is preferable to consult your doctor.
Without security, there cannot be progress.

Secondly, in order to achieve a concrete improvement in terms of Wellness, it is necessary not to indulge in those excesses of zeal typical of a physical activity that does not belong to the concept of “wellbeing”, which places its fulcrum around an unnatural search for a performance instead, more similarly to the hectic lifestyle that you might be trying to get away from.