With SPH App you can share your paths. And see the others’

Did you discover a new route and you are looking forward to let your runners friends know about it too? Are you interested in exploring on foot an unknown areaand you could use to see which ride the other runners athletes have chosen? Would you like to see the preview of your path via Street View? Do you want to create a path on the website, download it and train on it?

All of this is possible with SportPlusHealth App. In fact, you can share on the net your experiences and examine the others’, so that you can better calibrate your journey.

Do it is very simple, you just need to keep the App on when you run the path in order to memorize the data. You upload the data in the SPH cloud and at this point you share the data with the other runner using the App. And vice versa. If you arrive at an area you know nothing about, it is sufficient to run the App and look for the paths which the other runners have uploaded, and which are divided by mileage and altimetry. You also have the possibility to see the path in street view.