PRATO NEVOSO: A happy ending sees Simon Yates surrender. For the first time in this Giro d’Italia he shows a small sign of humanity and he lives his first black day. The pink jersey is still in the lead and it is thanks to the rebates (each stage is worth 10″ and he has won 3 stages plus a second place. 6″ go to the second and 4″ to the third). During the time trial stages (Jerusalem-Jerusalem and Trento-Rovereto) there were no rebates.

This means that in real time terms Tom Dumoulin would have the best time. Signal that the Tour 2018 lives under the banner of the great balance even if apparently Yates is the ruler.

In Prato Nevoso the most beautiful ending could not be with the attacks of Chriss Froome, Domenico Pozzovivo and Dumoulin. In 2 kilometers we saw everything we had never experienced in the last 18 stages. At the end there’s a difference of few seconds and the experts immediately point out that today’s climb was suitable for power runners, those able to generate great wattages. Yet, it does not really matter the technical explanation, what appeals to enthusiast fans is to see the challenge openly and the constant twist.

Pollicino knows it well … Domenico Pozzovivo who never gives up. Not too good to see in the saddle with those long legs, but tremendously effective and able to make good calculations. Today a little treasure and tomorrow, maybe, a minute. Step by step towards the dream of the podium. His real nightmare is Froome behind him. One who has nothing to lose and who is finding the good leg. The British will be the balance of this Giro 101.

Tomorrow we return to climb and we hope for another great show like the one we were given today by Mattia Cattaneo, Ruben Plaza and Maximilian Schachmann, protagonists of the breakaway of the day that for the first time in this edition has reached the finish line.

ARRIVAL — 1. Maximilian SCHACHMANN (Ger – Quick-Step Floors) 196 km in 4.55’42’’; 2. Plaza (Spa) at 10’’; 3. Cattaneo at 16’’; 4. Pfingsten (Ger) at 1’10’’; 5. Marcato at 1’26’’; 6. Morkov (Dan) at 1’36’’; 7. Kuznetsov (Rus) at 1’52’’; 8. Van Emden (Ola) at 3’22’’; 9. Turrin at 3’29’’; 10. Ballerini at 5’09’’; 11. Lopez (Col) at 10’48’’; 12. Pozzovivo at 11’03’’; 13. Dumoulin (Ola); 14. Froome (Gb); 17. Bilbao (Spa) at 11’23’’; 18. Carapaz (Ecu); 20. Yates (Gb) at 11’31’’; 22. G. Bennett (N.Zel) at 11’36’’; 24. Pinot (Fra); 25. Dennis (Aus).

RANKINGS — 1. Simon YATES (Gb – Mitchelton-Scott); 2. Dumoulin (Ola) at 28’’; 3. Pozzovivo at 2’43’’; 4. Froome (Gb) at 3’22’’; 5. Pinot (Fra) at 4’24’’; 6. Lopez (Col) at 4’54’’; 7. Dennis (Aus) at 5’09’’; 8. Bilbao (Spa) at 5’54’’; 9. Carapaz (Ecu) at 5’59’’; 10. Konrad (Aut) at 7’05’’.