How can I obtain the app?
I'm having trouble downloading SPH from Google Play Store
Is SPH free?
I've just created an account, why can't I synchronize it?
How can I easily record a training?
Why my HRM does not work?
Which kind of file could I export or import?
How can I synchronize my data with server?
How do I associate my Garmin account with Sports Plus Health?

User Manuals

Importazione dati dal Garmin
Importazione dati dal misuratore di acido lattico
Procedura associazione account Garmin Connect
User manual
Data import from lactic acid meter
Data import from Garmin
Lactic Acid Meter
Lactate Strip
Lactate 3 in 1
ISO for Lactate meter and Lactate Strips
EC Certificate for Lactate meter and Lactate Strips
Declaration of Conformity for Lactate meter and Lactate Strips
How to synchrnoize Garmin Connect with Sport Plus Healh

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