Virtual Coach

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The Virtual Coach level adds to your subscription the most modern and innovative features on the market.

Test Critical Power - Test Mader - Test FTP

Evaluate your anaerobic thresholds thanks to one of this three tests. Repeat the test during your preparation to monitor your progress.

Training Analysis

Analyze your trainings in a professional way to find out your fitness, welness and fatigue

Training programs

Once you have completed the preliminary tests, we will be able to mathematically estimate your current fitness. Crossing this information with your physical parameters (age, sex, height, weight, etc.) we can generate custom training tables.
Whether you want to lose weight, improve your performances, achieve a specific goal, with us you can do it!

Training with power

For several years now the coaches taking care of the training of the best athletes in the world are preparing training tables not based on durations and distances, but on a scientific and objective measurement of muscular effort produced by the athlete.
The result is a much more precise and efficient training compared to that obtained with the classical methods, which at the same time reduces the risk of injuries and disappointing results.
With SportPlusHealth you too can use this innovative system, both for individual workouts and entire tables!